Trick City 2012 – the winners. . .

by Jen on February 15, 2012

Tricky.  You have some tricky dogs.  and cats.

Just look at Sexy Lexy with a basketball.


The terriers were almost out-tricked by this one, till we found the sweet spot.


We really love seeing your talented dogs do such a wide variety of tricky tricks.  Push a crosswalk button, steal money from a purse, hold a giant mouthful of hot dogs, ride a mule, open  & close doors, read x-rays, and the list goes on. . .

Let’s get to our grand prize winner – you’ve waited long enough.

While Hazel determined that yes, she could balance on jars of homemade pickles,


she was not willing to do so with a farm fresh egg in her mouth.

Congratulations, Kiva!


You’re our Trick City Challenge winner & have earned yourself a fully tricked out Paco Collar!

and it’s Lights Out for the other contenders, Dexter!


Your Almost the Best Trick gets a $60 gift certificate from Fetching Tags!

The Hazel’s Choice award goes to Malachy -


as Hazel loves balls of all sorts, but especially those that belong to someone else.  You earned a $40 gift certificate from Fetching Tags, Congrats!

Winners announced, time to send out the certificates, another successful contest in the books, right?



Somebody said that if there is a Hazel’s Choice prize, that there should really be a Gladys’ Choice prize too.  Arguing with a bull terrier is fruitless,

so, Congratulations, Cher!


You win the Gladys’ Choice award of a $20 Fetching Tags gift certificate.  (and Gladys wonders if you will share whatever it is you are hunting with her. . .)

Thanks for all of your wonderful entries – you are all the best!  Thanks for making our job so very much fun.  Check your email for gift certificates – they should arrive in the next 24 hours.

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