Happy St. Patty’s from Stoneleigh

by Jen on March 17, 2012

I took this picture of our Stoneleigh (a supermodel in his own right) on St Patty’s Day and saw that it came out perfectly so thought I’d send for you!
We have 4 dogs, all of which have your tags. . .  Yes, they are spoiled boys, but as rescues, all deservedly so!
Stoneleigh was the last addition to our family just a year ago… I went through the tags and couldn’t find anything that just clicked for him.  As an Anatolian Shepherd/Pyrenees mix we had to adapt to his ‘guardian’ personality and discovered quickly that they do things on their own terms, when and how they want and not too much can motivate them to do otherwise!  Additionally,  we found it amusing that when he decides something is his, which is often … water bowl, food, toy, stick, chair, trash, etc.  he ‘tells’ the others somehow and they do exactly what he says.  Hence, his tag line  and it stuck…
Tagline:  Mr. Bossy Pants

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