Mabel & Gladys

by Jen on March 20, 2012

hmmm.  do these names sound familiar, or what?

Meet  Mabel, the bug.


Awh Mabel…our first love, we met on the Internet and knew we were MFEO.
She’s the perfect mix of playful and loving. She’s our MDB because she’s been our most expensive doggie…getting fixed, anal gland removal, nose job and tumor removal are the surgeries I can recall in her short 2 years of life.
Mabes is also allergic to everything, so we’ve spent boatloads on special foods and remedies to help her eternal itch.
Every dime has been worth it!
No one gives goodnight kisses like Mabel! And no one is happier to see you than Mabel (tagline 2nd runner up for Mabel was Wiggle Butt).

Tagline: Million Dollar Baby

& allow me to introduce Lady Gladys von Schnauzer the Naughty One of Omaha a mini- Schnauzer

photo (1)

Gladys may be the youngest in our family and the runt of her litter, but she is the only one who can leap onto our high bed in a single bound.

She earned her tag line very early in her life by being clever…breaching every barrier we put in front or around her to get to her goal. Thank goodness she’s never been a shoe girl!

Tagline: The Naughty One

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