Winston: She said Yes.

by Jen on July 18, 2012


But how could she refuse?

Like most of you reading this, we love our pooch, Winston.  Winston is a 2 year old English Lab with a whole lot of personality.  I was walking him a month ago while silently debating how to pop the question.  I looked down at Winston, he looked up at me with his Fetching Tags® dog tag that said “Stud Muffin”, and instantly it became obvious!  I reached out to Jen and asked if it was possible to create a diamond-shaped dog tag that on one side said “Lauren” surrounded by hearts, and on the other side asked “Will you marry me?”.  She said yes (a good omen) and it arrived in my possession in just three days.  A few weeks later Lauren and I were spending time at a lake house with family and friends when my opening arrived; the house emptied out, she was sitting by the lake front, and Winston was eagerly anticipating wearing his special collar.  I put the bowtie and dog tag on Winston who then faithfully marched down to the lake front.


Lauren noticed that his collar was not the same and as she got up to read his dog tag I snuck into position behind her on one knee to propose.  She said yes, too!  Aside from being thrilled about being engaged and our future together, we are so happy that Winston was a part of our special moment and we have Jen and Fetching Tags® to thank for helping make this a reality and a very memorable family experience!

Thanks so much.

Brian, Lauren, and Winston



Supper with Porter

by Jen on June 20, 2012

We dined with the handsome Porter last night.


If you’ve been around since 2003, you may remember him as our Ruth’s one & only boyfriend.  Ruthie was not really into dogs over 15 lbs or so.  Except Porter.  He made her heart go pitty-pat. . .

Here’s their Bark Magazine ad from their springtime of love.


When they hosted each other for overnights, they would get up in the middle of the night just to play together.  And Porter was the only one allowed in Ruth’s special underbed Cave.


Porter’s a bit more grey around the muzzle these days, & he doesn’t hear as well as he used to, but whenever I see him, he gives me a special signal that recalls our long ago good times:  he stands beside me & he shakes.  No, not with a paw – I mean the whole body, flinging water after a bath-type shake.  Porter knows all kinds of tricks, but that was always my favorite & I used to ask for it every time I saw him.  He just does a couple of shakes now, but we remember,

we remember.

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(and just 3 years ago


Nessie demands your vote.

by Jen on May 23, 2012

Heres Nessie’s “Vote for Me” plea:


Nessie says, “This is my best attempt at a regal campaign wave…”

She’s a spunky little pug who is full of personality, and thinks to Fetching Tags and Paco collars, also full of style! She’s never met a soul (two legged or four) that she doesn’t automatically love. Everyone is her best friend!

photo (2)

At work with mom… She’s the mascot and goodwill ambassador, along with Rocky, a mustache parakeet, at my vet clinic. :)

photo (1)

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Meat me later.

by Jen on May 4, 2012

Whither thy bowls goest, I will go;


and where they layest, I will lie.

from The Bull Terrier Bible, Dinnerware 2:12


Jinjo & Enda

by Jen on May 1, 2012

Meet Jinjo.


Jinjo is an 11 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a heart for adventure. Not much of a fan of hugs, cuddles, or couch time, he’s always around for snack time but quickly dispatches over an empty bag, which leads my father reminding him every night “Well you’re a fair weather friend!” So it was just meant to be, that is his tagline!

& here’s Enda.


Enda is a 2 year old Beauceron.She’s fun, active, free spirited, and has a never ending love for round bouncing objects!

Enda sports the Skinny with a bouncing ball.

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