Mabel & Gladys

by Jen on March 20, 2012

hmmm.  do these names sound familiar, or what?

Meet  Mabel, the bug.


Awh Mabel…our first love, we met on the Internet and knew we were MFEO.
She’s the perfect mix of playful and loving. She’s our MDB because she’s been our most expensive doggie…getting fixed, anal gland removal, nose job and tumor removal are the surgeries I can recall in her short 2 years of life.
Mabes is also allergic to everything, so we’ve spent boatloads on special foods and remedies to help her eternal itch.
Every dime has been worth it!
No one gives goodnight kisses like Mabel! And no one is happier to see you than Mabel (tagline 2nd runner up for Mabel was Wiggle Butt).

Tagline: Million Dollar Baby

& allow me to introduce Lady Gladys von Schnauzer the Naughty One of Omaha a mini- Schnauzer

photo (1)

Gladys may be the youngest in our family and the runt of her litter, but she is the only one who can leap onto our high bed in a single bound.

She earned her tag line very early in her life by being clever…breaching every barrier we put in front or around her to get to her goal. Thank goodness she’s never been a shoe girl!

Tagline: The Naughty One


Happy St. Patty’s from Stoneleigh

by Jen on March 17, 2012

I took this picture of our Stoneleigh (a supermodel in his own right) on St Patty’s Day and saw that it came out perfectly so thought I’d send for you!
We have 4 dogs, all of which have your tags. . .  Yes, they are spoiled boys, but as rescues, all deservedly so!
Stoneleigh was the last addition to our family just a year ago… I went through the tags and couldn’t find anything that just clicked for him.  As an Anatolian Shepherd/Pyrenees mix we had to adapt to his ‘guardian’ personality and discovered quickly that they do things on their own terms, when and how they want and not too much can motivate them to do otherwise!  Additionally,  we found it amusing that when he decides something is his, which is often … water bowl, food, toy, stick, chair, trash, etc.  he ‘tells’ the others somehow and they do exactly what he says.  Hence, his tag line  and it stuck…
Tagline:  Mr. Bossy Pants



by Jen on February 23, 2012

Meet one of our brandnewest pack members, Tallulah Belle.


(no, she doesn’t ride in the back of an open pickup – she’s just betendin)


Sleight of Bull

by Jen on February 18, 2012

From this,


to this


in just a couple of short years.   Some trick.

(you can see more of the Fierce Marshmallow here.)


Trick City 2012 – the winners. . .

by Jen on February 15, 2012

Tricky.  You have some tricky dogs.  and cats.

Just look at Sexy Lexy with a basketball.


The terriers were almost out-tricked by this one, till we found the sweet spot.


We really love seeing your talented dogs do such a wide variety of tricky tricks.  Push a crosswalk button, steal money from a purse, hold a giant mouthful of hot dogs, ride a mule, open  & close doors, read x-rays, and the list goes on. . .

Let’s get to our grand prize winner – you’ve waited long enough.

While Hazel determined that yes, she could balance on jars of homemade pickles,


she was not willing to do so with a farm fresh egg in her mouth.

Congratulations, Kiva!


You’re our Trick City Challenge winner & have earned yourself a fully tricked out Paco Collar!

and it’s Lights Out for the other contenders, Dexter!


Your Almost the Best Trick gets a $60 gift certificate from Fetching Tags!

The Hazel’s Choice award goes to Malachy -


as Hazel loves balls of all sorts, but especially those that belong to someone else.  You earned a $40 gift certificate from Fetching Tags, Congrats!

Winners announced, time to send out the certificates, another successful contest in the books, right?



Somebody said that if there is a Hazel’s Choice prize, that there should really be a Gladys’ Choice prize too.  Arguing with a bull terrier is fruitless,

so, Congratulations, Cher!


You win the Gladys’ Choice award of a $20 Fetching Tags gift certificate.  (and Gladys wonders if you will share whatever it is you are hunting with her. . .)

Thanks for all of your wonderful entries – you are all the best!  Thanks for making our job so very much fun.  Check your email for gift certificates – they should arrive in the next 24 hours.