The Cold Shoulder

by Jen on February 4, 2012

Whew.  Gladys wants you to know that Trick City 2012 has not been easy.  Some really tricky dogs, like Tony


and Gator


have been balancing items on themselves.  Other dogs joined in the balancing act, & they balanced really tasty things. Barney


balanced cookies & Morgan


and Baxter


balanced  impressive stacks of biscuits.

Also balancing deliciousness, was Lemmy, with a tub of butter.


Gladys loves butter, so she tried that trick first.


Then she moved on to the other tasty treats.  Gladys was sorely disappointed to find that we have no biscuits here.  (In fact, she’s asked that I include our mailing address in this post so that you can mail some to her.)  She’s pretty sure that they wouldn’t stay on her face without glue, though.

So what kind of tasty thing could she balance?  She had a few ideas.

I told her that maybe she should just give ‘em the cold shoulder on this one.


She said, yeah, you’re probably right.  But just to make sure, I’ll give ‘em the cold shoulder


And some chicken.


c/o Fetching Tags

po box 5557

Atlanta GA 31107


Trick City Challenge 2012

by Jen on January 24, 2012

Here’s the challenge announcement – make sure you read the fine print at bottom of page:


If your dog can do it, so can Hazel &/or Gladys &/or Pursey.

If Hazel &/or Gladys &/or Pursey can’t do your trick, you win.

222574_10150251593303040_508743039_7574692_4273346_n (1)

What:  Post a photo of your dog doing a trick on the Fetching Tags Facebook page.  Post must include dog name, title of trick (clever titles are best) & your email address.  Make sure that you include this info, we will need it to respond to your challenge & email your prize!

trick defined:  This can be a photo of your dog doing anything that could be duplicated in a normal household or yard setting.  Tricks can be as basic (sit) or as tricky (backflip) as you can capture in a photo.  No dangerous tricks or tricks like dock diving (tricks involving things – like the ocean or stadiums) we can’t recreate here.

Where:  Like I said, on our Facebook page.

When:  Post your trick by Saturday January 28th at midnight.


1.  Each person who enters the contest by posting a pet trick photo, receives a $5 Fetching Tags gift certificate – enter as many pets/times as you wish, but only one $5 certificate per household.

1a.  Photos entered in any previous Fetching Tags contests may not be entered in giveaway.

2. If Hazel &/or Gladys &/or Pursey can’t do your trick(s), or can’t be captured in a photo doing your trick, you get a $10 Fetching Tags gift certificate (enter as many pets/times as you wish, but only one $5  or $10 certificate per household).

3.  Grand Prize winner,  for best trick that can’t be done by H/G/P, wins a custom Paco Collar with rivet-on Fetching Tags, almost the best trick will get a $60 Fetching Tags gift certificate, and Hazel’s Choice wins $40 certificate – to be determined by an independent judge (& Hazel).


The fine print:  Hazel & Gladys & Pursey reserve the right to cheat, substitute props, &/or call on their cat, Preacher, or any other herd, flock or pack members as trick stunt doubles.

Any necessary clarification of giveaway rules will be made here on this blog post, like this:

While you may use more than one gift certificate on a purchase, any combined certificates must originate from a single person/recipient.

Yes, cats & other animals are welcome to compete.

Your official entry must be in form of photo, but you may send a video as clarification.

One trick per pet.

Let’s Get Tricky!


just because.

by Jen on January 24, 2012


photo by Maggie Fan


2012: Adopt & Save with Fetching Tags

by Jen on January 11, 2012

Once upon a time, we adopted Ruth, the canine founder of Fetching Tags.  When Ruthie finally slowed a bit, at age 8, we adopted the best dog in the entire world, Hazel.  Fast forward a bit, & we adopted the most wondrous cat in the universe, Preacher*.

hazel preacher ruth

From the simple act of claiming these beasts, then sharing our hearts & home with each of them, our lives have truly been enriched beyond measure.  To spread this wealth as a company, Fetching Tags has supported canine rescue with a portion of every purchase made since our very 1st day in business.  We have also donated hundreds & hundreds of ID tags to dogs & cats awaiting their forever homes in rescue.

We constantly brainstorm about ways to support rescue & encourage the adoption of homeless animals.

How can our small company really make a difference?  If you have ideas, let us know!


Here’s our first crazy offer of 2012:

Adopt a dog or cat (or other homeless beast) into your home & we’ll send you a coupon code to save 40% on a Fetching Tag ID tag**.

*Fetching Tags trivia:  our adopted pets’ original names were Precious, Patty & Rocky.

** The fine print:  Simply email a copy of your dated adoption contract &/or relevant info:  dog name, shelter id, rescue name, location, contact phone.  You may scan or photograph contract & send to  This is a time-sensitive offer:  40% code for use in the coupon field at & will expire 30 days from adoption day.  This offer is for individuals adopting pets into their forever homes, not for rescues pulling fosters from shelters for temporary placement (we have other deals for you!)

Oh, and please post a photo of your newly adopted pet on our facebook page!



by Jen on December 26, 2011

Meet Barney.


Barney will be 4 January 24 and I got him from a lab rescue in Kentucky. He came home with me when he was 9 weeks old. He would just as soon get scratched behind his ears as fetch a ball and he and Tal (my 5 y/o full blood lab) are best buds! They both love playing in the tall grass behind the baseball field at the college where I teach and it would be a toss up as to who has who trained! They are a true blessing and I am so very fortunate to have them both! When Barney does run, though,  believe me he is really fast! My favorite thing is when he comes up to me and puts his paws on my knees when I am sitting down and lets me scratch him behind the ears. Definitely a goofball! Just like the rest of us here!