wee Bella

by Jen on December 19, 2011

Meet Bella.

Bella is 6 lbs of mini dacshund.

Look for me:   snuggling my mamma on her lap

Loves to:   go for car rides

Dislikes:   the doorbell, cause my mamma always yells “NO BARKING!”


Happy Holidays Song Winners. . .

by Jen on December 13, 2011

Holiday Song Singers, you are all so clever & brave.  Thank you so much for the joy that you have brought to us this season.

We have cackled & cried listening to your songs & watching your special videos*, like this song, for Marble:

Marble’s Xmas Song

and this one

that came with lyrics & a bio:

By the way, ALL of that is true. My dog is a rambunctious, squirrely little monster who would seriously play fetch until she dropped dead of exhaustion if I let her. And she is close to four years old and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. She also thinks she is a 65 pound lap dog. Which makes for some very interesting moments around the house.

We love the way that you worked Fetching Tags into the songs, like Capone The Fetching Tag Doberman,


and this 12 Days from Abby

Even some kids got in on the action

In the end, we had no idea which song to choose. So we called in a guest judge. She said the problem was that we had a tie for Almost the Best Holiday Song between Fetching Tag Ride by Nicki**

and Deck the Collar, sung by Danica

So congratulations, Almost the Best, Nicki & Danica, you each get a $30 gift certificate from Fetching Tags.

We love the fact that the dog in Nicki’s song can safely run away since she’s wearing a Fetching Tag, and the dog in Danica’s song is sad & kinda screwed cause she doesn’t have one (but her brother does!):

My brother has one but I don’t – If I get lost I won’t find home

And Jenny, for this little Doggy 12 Day gem,

you win the $60 certificate.

* And this begs the question:  Why haven’t our pack members & customers been making our commercials all along?!
2012 Resolution: They will be!

**Our favorite lyric from the contest starts at 0:14 in Nicki’s Fetching Tag Ride. . .


Happy Holidays Winners. . .

by Jen on December 13, 2011

You did it.  You entertained the tag elves & Baxter got lit!


Everyone was a winner in this contest, but some of you won more. . .

We love your Holiday Haikus, like this one from Mandy,

Attack intruder!
Saw a red suit, beard, and bells
As he said, “No, No, No!”
this one from Courtenay,

bells jingle, glass breaks,
now the tree is on the floor!
not me, blame the cat…!
and this one from Siboney

i wear this collar,
only because of the treats.
i feel like crying.
Drumroll. . .      The big $50 Holiday Haiku winner is ” Jack’s First Christmas” by Jenn Cooper:

Red, Green, Confusion…
Why is there a tree inside?
Oh, presents for me!
and  in second place , for a $25 gift certificate, with Almost the Best Holiday Haiku, is Michele Reinach:

Gifts under the tree.
Tinsel found in Loki’s poo.
Time for a cocktail.

Your photos made us giggle & swoon, like this one from Yvonne


and this one from Heather & Maggie.


Some were so perfectly posed, like the Shelties


and the, well, the lovely pups in Hannah’s pack.


But we could only choose 1 Holiday Photo winner.

We noticed lots of antlers on dogs, like these on Damian, Chuck & Angus


and we decided that the best photo really summed up the position of the Collective Canine Consciousness on Christmas Costume Antlers.

Congratulations to Dreizehn, winner of a $40 gift certificate for Best Holiday Photo!


and with a similar position statement on Costume Antlers, we have Jinjo in the Almost the Best Holiday photo & winner of a $20 gift certificate from Fetching Tags.


Best Holiday Song Winners to be announced in next post, stay tuned. . .


Happy Holidays: The Contest

by Jen on December 7, 2011

We, the tag elves, are in the Fetching Tags studio round the clock these days, hammering out tags for you & yours.  We’ve had no extra time to decorate or bake or even sing anything other than elf work songs.

So, we have one request:

Entertain us.


That’s right, we could use a little bit of your holiday cheer.  In fact, we’d be willing to, well, host a giveaway & give big Fetching Tags gift certificates as prizes & smaller ones just for entering.

This contest is a little different, because there are a few ways to enter, each with a different prize.

1. Holiday Song:  Sing a holiday song about or to your dog or other pet (or to or about Fetching Tags!).   Your song can be a complete original or can be sung to the tune of your favorite carol or other holiday song.  We’ll give you a $10 Fetching Tags gift certificate just for entering the song category.

Holiday Song Prizes:  $60 Fetching Tags gift certificate to the best song, $30 FT certificate to the ‘almost the best’ song.

To enter, email a sound file or video link to us:  jen@fetchingtags.net

2.  Holiday Haiku:  Pen a holiday haiku about or to your dog or other pet (or to or about Fetching Tags!).  Post it on our facebook page with your email address.

Entries must follow standard haiku form.  What’s a haiku? We’ll give you a $5 Fetching Tags gift certificate just for entering the haiku category.

Holiday Haiku Prizes:  $50 Fetching Tags gift certificate to the best Holiday Haiku, $25 FT certificate to the ‘almost the best’ Holiday Haiku.

3. Holiday Photo:  Capture your dog in or among holiday finery or other significant holiday scenes or props. Post it on our facebook page with your email address.  We’ll give you a $4 Fetching Tags gift certificate just for entering the photo category.

Holiday Photo Prizes:  $40 Fetching Tags gift certificate to the best Holiday Photo, $20 FT certificate to the ‘almost the best’ Holiday Photo.

Deadline for entries:  Monday Dec 12, noon EST. winners announced, certificates emailed Tues Dec 13.


The italicized fine print:

You may enter one, two, or three of the categories, with multiple entries in each, if you’d like – but you’ll only get ONE gift certificate for entering (highest value of categories entered), per household.  Same goes for the prizes – one per household.

We have to have your email address to send your participation gift certificate.

This contest will be judged by tag elves & a guest judge, all of whom are unmoved by your offers to donate or give away your winnings to needy friends or dogs.   Best & ‘almost the best’ will be based on your creativity & our entertained-ness – not necessarily you or your pets’ skill.

Please don’t recycle old entries in photos or haiku – we want the new stuff.

Yes, please do post your song/music video on our facebook page  - just make sure that you email a copy to us as entry.

More fine print may be added as questions arise. . .

Gladys duck photos were shot in 2010 for the Pawcurious 12 days of petmas


Vote for Jolene!

by Jen on November 29, 2011

Meet Jolene.


Jolene is a Queensland Blue Heeler that works cattle here on a ranch in Texas. She’s VERY much in ♥ with my husband who takes her out to gather anywhere from 1 cow to a herd of 150 head. She does voice command and hand signals. When my husband heads out horseback Jolene will run alongside them and at times circle them, eager to be told where to go. When we first got Jolene she was the runt of the litter at 4lbs! Now she is a stocky 40 lbs and…she is being bred right now to another Blue Heeler (HOSS) at a neighboring ranch! I guess I’ll have to get a new tag that reads WORKING MOM!


Tagline:  Working Girl