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Since 1997, we have been hand crafting Fetching Tags from super light-weight aircraft quality aluminum & stamping them with dog-inspired taglines. Twice as thick as ordinary tags, Fetching Tags are strong enough to keep your dog safely tagged for years to come. Your extreme satisfaction is guaranteed - let's customize your  tag now!


We Donate To canine rescue.

Our tiny company of 2, founder Jen & tagmaker David, hand-craft the best dog tags on the planet. No, you haven't seen us on Etsy - Fetching Tags are the original hand stamped pet tags - we've been making them for 20 years now. Your extreme satisfaction is guaranteed & each tag purchased benefits canine rescue. Each year we donate hundreds of Fetching Tags to canine rescue organizations to help keep adoptees safe & to add a little engaging “pick me!” spark & style to their collars. Because our tags are so durable, these tags can be passed down to through generations of adoptable dogs. Interested in a donation for your non-profit organization? Email to be added to our list for tags.

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