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Thanks for contacting us! We'll be in touch soon.

  • How long will it take to get my tag?
    Most tags are made within 2-3 business days of order & we ship via USPS First Class & Priority Mail. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery, in case of mail delay.
  • What size tag should I get for my dog? Cat?
    While our Original Aluminum tags are super lightweight, they are both bigger and thicker than typical id tags. This is a feature of their design. (Even tiny tags will look "big" on very small toy breeds.) Please order Tiny or Small sized tags for cats.
  • What is the difference between the metals?
    We're so glad you asked! Our Original Aluminum tags are our most durable, most light-weight, longest lasting tags - they literally last the lifetime of a dog & beyond. Classic Brass tags are slightly heavier than aluminum & very durable. Fat Brass tags are very heavy & are designed for bigger dogs - because of the Fat Brass weight, split rings must be monitored & replaced if worn over time.
  • Will __________________ fit on a Fetching Tag?
    Each size and shape tag will fit slightly different text. If you have a question about a specific tagline, we'll be happy to help. Simply email your request along with your dog's size and if it won't fit, we can help you with a alternate tagline. For increased legibility & long life of tags, it is our policy not to cram text or run it off the tag edges.
  • I adopted a pet from rescue, how do I get my 40% discount on tags?"
    Congratulations to you & your new pal! We discount tag orders by 40% within 30 days of adoption from a non-profit rescue organization. Simply snap a photo of your dated adoption contract & email to & we will send a coupon code your way. You'll save 40% on any tags ordered at this time & your little buddy will be safely tagged.
  • Can you stamp my address on my tag too?
    We don't do addresses. But other companies do - check these out.
  • We are having an event, will you donate tags for our silent auction or for prizes? "
    Each year we do donate some gift certificates as contest prizes for many dog sports & as silent auction items for 501 (c) (3) non-profits. Please email your requests using our contact form & allow 6 weeks notice prior to event.
  • We are a non-profit rescue, will you donate tags for our adoptable dogs?"
    Each year we donate as many tags as possible to canine rescue for dogs to wear while they await adoption. Not only does the custom ID info on the tag help keep them safe, the taglines add a bit of spark & a fun point of interaction for potential adopters. Because our tags are so durable, as each pet is adopted, the Fetching Tag can be passed down to the next adoptable. To be on our waiting list to receive some for your adoptables, email the following to : typical number, size & type of dogs in your care AND your rescue name & acronym (like Border Collie Rescue of Minnesota = BCRMN) & contact phone for tags, a mailing address & your 501 (c) 3 info.
  • Haven't I seen these tags on Etsy?
    Short answer: Nope. Longer answer: Fetching Tags predate Etsy by about a decade. What you have seen on Etsy are knockoffs of our product. Please do not trust them as ID to keep your precious dogs safe. We do offer a Cruddy Tag Trade in program - send us your cruddy tags & we will send you a $15 gift certificate good for the purchase of a Fetching Tag, which actually will keep your dog safe for a lifetime. (Limit 2 tag trade-ins per household, please.)


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