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We love dogs, period. So every Fetching Tag sold benefits canine rescue organizations. 

They tell me I was named by a dog. My parents placed their top three choices on slips of paper on a chair and set Ralph the Dalmatian to the task. The name 'Jennifer' won by a nose.

So it is no wonder that I am a dog person. I don't mean that I have breed - specific pillows and a "wipe your paws" welcome mat. I mean that I stare into dogs' eyes with wonder. I believe in dogs and the stories they tell me. I believe that the tug on the leash is taking me somewhere that I couldn't go alone.

The Fetching Tags company began quite simply. I adopted Ruth from the local shelter. We went through lots of ordinary i.d. tags over the first 2 years, because, as an artist and metalworker, I was always disappointed with their lack of style and flimsy construction. My gorgeous girl deserved a better tag. So I made a tag in my studio and then I made another. Friends wanted them. Customers appeared. A business hatched.

So we make tags that speak to the qualities that these dear creatures bring to us. We make tags that are incredibly durable and complement the beauty and loyalty of our best friends. Our taglines capture the very essence of these beloved beasts -- the sweetness and slobber, the thrill of chase and chow, the belly rub and butt scratch. And perhaps most importantly, we make tags that help lost dogs find their way home.

Beast regards,
Jen Cleere, Gladys, Gravy, Feather Bullet & BoomBox 

(& all the other cool kids on the ranch!)

OUR Team
Jen Cleere

Creator of Fetching Tags



The Tagmaker


Gravy, Gladys, BoomBox & Feather Bullet 
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