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Top Taglines Fetching Tag

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Who picks the Top Taglines, anyway? The dogs, that's who! We only helped a little. Having lived with 3 Wiggle Butts, a Supermodel, various Love Sponges, Lucky Mutts and Treat Whores, we think you'll agree that we are sort of experts. We did the heavy lifting for you with these tags. Choose a tagline, size, symbol, and then tell us your dog's name & number. That's it.

Corny TV commercial voiceover: And that's not all! While you're ordering, add duplicates of any tag for only $20 each. That's right, only twenty dollars each! (end voiceover here.)

Whether your dog is on the sofa or the search and rescue team, these tags can take whatever is dished out. They'll withstand mud, snow, water - even teeth - and not only be legible years from now, they'll still look great.

Why do our tags excel where others fail? It's pretty simple. They're twice as thick as ordinary ID tags and they're made from extremely tough, super-lightweight aircraft quality aluminum. Each character is deeply and artfully stamped, by hand, to endure your pet's romping, frisky (or simply luxurious) life.

You'll be glad to know that we've always been eco-friendly. At approximately 80% recycled content, our tags win the silver medal of green! And we use minimal packaging materials to deliver them directly to your pet from our studio in Georgia.

We are proud to donate a portion of every tag sale to canine rescue.

We believe that every good dog deserves a great home and that ID tags are an important part of any pet's safety.

Your extreme satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Second phone numbers are not available on this style tag.

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You have opened your heart & home and made a huge difference in the life of a homeless animal. Now let's keep your new pal safe with Fetching Tags.  Simply email a photo of your dated adoption contract & we'll send a coupon good for 40% discount on any tag purchase within 30 days of adoption.
Every good dog deserves a great tag - and a home.
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